Who’s sick of 2020 already! Well….. We scraped through Mother’s Day before our lives got turned completely upside down with Covid 19. I hope you are all safe and I am sure we will all come through this with a different perspective on how we live our lives. I thought I would give you an […]

The traditional foliage season for most European grown foliages runs from August/September up to March/April. Once the temperatures start to rise, the sap will begin to flow and the surge of new growth becomes too soft to harvest. As growers we are constantly searching for varieties that have a different growth pattern or looking at […]

The evenings are getting shorter, the trees are shedding their leaves, the rain is getting heavier and the cold south westerly winds are coming in from the Atlantic Ocean. Over here, in South West Ireland that means it’s time to dust off the ski jacket, dig out the woolly hat and start knuckling down for […]

So not only have we got a brand new website but we also recently found out we had been nominated for the British Florist Association Grower of the Year award! Now I won’t lie, I’m much more comfortable in fields of foliage than at some black tie event but I thought what the hell, we […]

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